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Seismographical Drawings

I had been working on a series of small works on metal for the library of the Teikyo University of Japan when the news started to come through of the terrible earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster which hit the east coast of Japan. I came across this photograph on the BBC News website and was struck by the vulnerability of the mother and child, the clinical inhumanity of the scientist testing for radiation contamination and the crumbling geology of the concrete wall. I felt compelled to draw.


Seismographical Drawings – series of fifteen drawings, each  42 x 59 cm,  graphite and collage on paper



I was proud to show eight of the Seismographical Drawings at Teikyo University’s Arts Festival in October. They were displayed alongside memorial statements and documentary photographs and videos presented by the Japanese students. The festival celebrated many aspects of Japanese culture and the strong links between the institution and the City and University of Durham.