Manifold Works 2013 installation of fifteen books of moths with cutouts for Newcastle Literary and Philosophical Society


Mountains of the Moon – Mountain Ring   2012 handmade book with drawings made from pine ash ink on Chinese paper, for the Oriental Museum, Durham University.


Miracle 2012  digital prints on Chinese paper, for The Library of Lost Books, Birmingham City Library.


Infestation 2010 altered book (Scott’s “Life of Napoleon”) – for Regenerator II project, UWE


Gone to the Dogs (2009) digital prints on Chinese paper with coaldust bound between antique boards – for IRIS Arts


Complete Works 2008 miniature Complete Works of Shakespeare set in beeswax – for Durham Literary Festival



For Reference Only 2008 altered books with chains and Persian rug – for Durham Literary Festival


Shieling (2008) digital prints on Chinese paper with coaldust bound between antique boards – for “Shelter” touring exhibition, eastern USA


City of Enoch 2007 digital prints on Chinese paper bound between antique boards – for the University of Wales


Quakers, Daggers, Thorns 2006 ashes and graphite on paper bound between antique boards, for Durham Arts Festival.


Searching for Ring Ouzels 2006-7 six volumes of digital prints with pulverised rock bound between vintage boards with metal and chains – for Drumcroon Arts Centre, Wigan, Lancs


Criss-Crossings 2006 graphite, ink and objects on paper set in rusted tins – for Drumcroon Arts Centre, Wigan, Lancs


Tin Books (Carpet Pages) 2005 metal and paper with pulverised rock set in rusted tin (private commission)


Moths and Moons 2004-5 graphite and pulverised rock samples on discarded library books – commissioned by the British Library