The Anomalous

Glorious Works – The Anomalous 2013 ashes on tinplate – ten moth wing works for the Newcastle Literary and Philosophical Society


Crow Crimes 2011 -13 fire-baked clay with burnt and rusted tins, ashes, coal and hematite for The Gallery of Wonder, Great North Museum


Songbird Sonnet – the Lost Collection of Rev. Ralph Johnson 2011-12 fire-baked clay and ashes in box

Hellish Moths4

Hellish Moths Still Gnaw and Fret  2012 ashes and smoke on burnt and rusted tin – made to accompany Peter Oliver’s miniature of Lady Arbella Stuart for the National Trust Scotland – Pollock House Glasgow

Dirty snow 1

Dirty Snow Series 2009-12 ashes and smoke on burnt and rusted tin

Shadow Castings (Northern Wood) candle smoke on rusted steel – moth species trapped at the Garden Station 2009-11

The Moor 2010 ash on burnt and rusted metal – pieces about the chemical weapons dump on Bowes Moor, County Durham 


Shafts and Levels 2008-10 ashes on burnt and rusted metal – a series of miniatures on metal for Teikyo University of Japan about the lead mining industry in Swaledale, Yorkshire

Dust and Shadows (sixty-four extinctions) 2009 ashes and smoke with graphite on rusted metal – made in association with Oxford University Museum and the Dorman Museum Middlesbrough to mark the Charles Darwin Bicentenary.

Mapping the Dark 2009 – installation of works at the Garden Station, Langley, Northumberland


Tools to Till the Earth 2007 installation for Crook Hall, Durham